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Upcoming Event

Medieval Festival

27 Aug 2016 - 28 Aug 2016


The main idea of the festival - the revival of history and awakening interest for its study. The festival will gather in the picturesque area of Moldova many artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, numerous spectators, who would like to discover the beautiful Moldova, with its history and traditions.

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Chisinau hotels and tours

Bine ati venit & Welcome to Chisinau!

Moldova may not be as distinguished as its more popular neighbours Ukraine and Romania, but its anonymity only yields it that much more captivating. While the usual supposition of the location of Moldova is Africa or Asia, it is in fact a beautiful Eastern European country with the unique cosmopolitan city of Chisinau, a tourist dream with many tours and activities and Chisinau Hotels to enjoy!

Mysterious and enchanting, Chisinau is known as one of the greenest cities in Europe! Take a step off the beaten track and explore this fascinating city!

Moldova is a tiny country in Eastern Europe and a large part of the country, as can be seen on the Chisinau Map,lies between the Prut and the Dniester Rivers. While located close to the Black Sea, it is a landlocked country, but still has a temperate climate thanks to its proximity to the sea, which gives it warm summers and mild winters. When visiting Moldova you'll find that most Moldova Hotels are in fact located in Chisinau. The many Chisinau Guest houses and Chisinau Hostels make for an interesting stay in the capital city of Moldova.

Chisinau is the largest city in the country and also its administrative, political, cultural and economic centre. Like most capital cities, Chisinau is the launching pad to explore the rest of the country and enjoy the comfort of Chisnau hotels and discover the highlights of this green city. Most tend to go for one of our Moldovan Tours and especially enjoy winery tours.

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Located at the centre of Moldova by the river Bic, the city of Chisinau is built on seven hills and covers an area of 120 sq. km. Natural beauty is a large part of the city, with twenty three lakes, most of which are located in the city's numerous parks. For your enjoyment, go on one of the Chisinau tours and stay in one of the friendly Chisinau Guest houses!

The city is often referred to as the White City, since many of the old buildings are made of the local white limestone. There are several historical and cultural monuments, lush green landscapes and a kind, generous and hospitable populace, all of which combine to make Chisinau a great place to visit, check out our range of Chisinau hotels! When researching your flights to Moldova you'll have to take one of the Chisinau flights into Chisinau Airport.

The current population of Chisinau is 700,000, but it was much less in earlier times when it was considered more of a village than a city. In the year 1774, the city had only 600 inhabitants, but the population steadily rose until the dissolution of the USSR.

Moldova's official language is Romanian, but is usually called Moldovan. Both Russian and Romanian are widely spoken in the country. Speaking any one of these three languages will ensure that you have no problem conversing with anyone, in Chisinau shops, on the street, or on public transport in Chisinau. Other than Russian and Romanian, English is the most widely spoken foreign language. When visiting Moldova travel, consider staying in one of our Chisinau Apartments. Our Chisinau Apartments can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis in Moldova.

Moldovans relish strong family ties through all of history and place a strong emphasis on the country's culture, traditions, and their love of arts and beauty. The hospitable and friendly nature of Moldovans ensures that foreigners are able to interact with them easily. Just look at our selection of Chisinau hotels! People in Moldova are very happy when visitors make an effort and try to speak their language, just like everywhere else in the world, so take the time to experience this culture by going on some tours in Chisinau.

The entire country of Moldova has beautiful landscapes, but the best time to visit is early autumn. The summer is hot in Moldova, so unless you like the heat, it is best to visit in the autumn when the weather in Chisinau is perfect and numerous varieties of local fruits and vegetables are filling the markets. On the second Sunday of October, Wine Day is celebrated and is one of the good Chisinau Events to present for. Moldova produces its own wine and visiting in autumn will allow you to see the importance of wine production to the country of Moldova. We offer a range of accommodation in Moldova and Chisinau hotels.

Tourists will have a busy itinerary in Chisinau with its numerous monuments, parks and museums. There is a wide range of hotels in Chisinau for every type of traveller. Come and spend your next holiday in Chisinau! The range of Chisinau Hotels and Chisinau Guest houses, or even a Chisinau Apartment, gives you many options.

From: EUR 6 / person
(assuming 1 travellers)

Chateau Vartely is the producer of premium class wine made from the best European grape varieties, grown in the southern and central regions of the country.

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We invite you to a 2-hour panoramic tour around Chisinau the capital of Moldova, an Eastern European country. Chisinau is one of the greenest cities in Europe.

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From: EUR 170 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

A tour from the sky along the most beautiful places in our country - a unique, beautiful and very unusual adventure. Incredibly beautiful landscapes, interesting historical and cultural sites, a lot of useful and fascinating information - all from the air! You will slowly fly over the monasteries, castles, canyons, forests and waterfalls. You will enjoy the sensation of flight and will experience, perhaps one of the most beautiful days in your life! You will be accompanied by a professional guide that will tell you a lot of unusual and very interesting things about the amazing places that you will fly over. This will add to your life "savingbox" many new, surprising information and valuable experience.

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From: EUR 40 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Travel on a steamboat is a real holiday, enjoy of every moment and actually pleasant and memorable moments of life! Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the river recreation, feel the nice and pleasant wallow. A comfortable and modern steamboat will not just ake you along the scenic banks of the river Dniester. Your private captain will hold a fascinating tour, a ride with the wind on the waves and make a stop on a wonderful island, where you will enjoy a hot fish-soup, the beach and the feeling of excitement! This is a great fun in the lap of nature!

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From: EUR 17 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Year by year skilful winemakers of Cricova fill its famous wine collection. Visit to the Cricova Halls is not only a trip to the wine country, but also a revel inevitable atmosphere of a mysterious Cricova underground, where one can taste its priceless wines.

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Welcome to Chisinau!


Hi! Meet the team from SLAVION Travel, your local connection in Chisinau. We are committed to ensure that sustainable tourism is promoted in Moldova, and that the tourism benefits the local community. Tourism is a vibrant part of our lives, and meeting people from all over the world and learning about different cultures is one of the best parts of our job. We cannot wait to show you beautiful Moldova!


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