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"Underland Wine & Music Fest" - Underground Festival. Moldavian underground city


Underground Festival

Date: 18 February
Where: Cricova, Chisinau, Moldova
˝Underland Wine & Music Fest˝ takes place in the famous Cellars of Cricova, the first and only festival in the world of music and wine taken underground. The event registers a record number of visitors and a lot of other factors worthy of the Guinness Book.

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During the whole day people discover the labyrinths of the underground city ˝Underland˝. The underground streets have a record number of people at the same time under the ground.

On 4 stages - on the street, in blocks of red, white and sparkling wines – take place performances of the bands from different countries. In addition, at each intersection of the underground city guests meet street musicians, actors, living statues, etc. Overall Underland festival bring together a whole lot of artists and performers - painters, cartoonists, actors, circus artists, folk artists.

Cricova cellars Underland welcomes visitors with a wide range of wines to suit all tastes. Total underground city citizens drink tons of wine and mulled wine at the festival under the ground.

Also, the guests of the festival are able to warm up and enjoy 25 kinds of Glintwine prepared according to different recipes. Each guest received a fragrant glass of mulled wine at the entrance to the underground city.

The only festival in the world of wine and music Underland underground is one of the most difficult events from the point of view of the organization. It takes the work of more than 600 people to organize the festival.