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Discover Moldavian medieval Festival in Moldova.


Medieval Festival

Date: 23 June
Where: Complex Etnico-Cultural Vatra, Vatra, Moldova
The main idea of the festival - the revival of history and awakening interest for its study. The festival will gather in the picturesque area of Moldova many artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, numerous spectators, who would like to discover the beautiful Moldova, with its history and traditions.

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The purpose of the festival is to show to its guests all sides of medieval life. It was during the Middle Ages, when the elements of our state formation have been first manifested. Thus, some historical moments, that led to the emergence of the State of Moldova will be performed at the stage. The festival will feature historical battles and other events of national and European importance.

There will also be presented a number of important historical figures, starting with Decebal and Traian, Dimitrie Cantemir, Ştefan cel Mare, Mihai Viteazul, Petru I, Alexandru cel Bun and other persons who indicated the flow our history.

The program includes a number of competitions in the field of theater, dance, painting, vocal and instrumental performance, games and others. Vatra will become a place where creativity and talent are intertwined with a variety of recreational activities. Both professional and amateur groups of musicians and actors will take part in the event. This will reveal young talents and instil patriotism and love for the national values.