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Hot Air Baloons festival in Moldova


Hot Air Baloons Festival

Date: 25 May
Where: Ivancea, Orhei, Moldova
Hot-air Balloon Festival is a true celebration of dreamers and romantics! In this festival take part not only balloonists from Moldova, but also from many other countries. Unforgettable experience and memorable impressions are awaiting for guests and participants of the festival.

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Anyone interested can climb up to the clouds, together with professional pilots. Professionals say that flying with a balloon is perfectly safe. With a fair wind the ball speed could reach 30 kilometers per hour. A flight lasts approximately 60 minutes.Balloons fly only early in the morning, the start is somewhere at 7 am and in the evening before sunset, somewhere at 6.30-7 pm. Balloons, participating in the festival, designed for 2000-4500 cubic meters of air. The height of the balloon reaches 25-35 m, diameter - 12-18 m, depending on the model, which is comparable in size to the 6-8-storey house. Ballooning within the framework of the festival will take place in the vicinity of Orhei and Chisinau. Start of each flight will be given at one of the nine sites, depending on the wind direction.