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Etno Festival "Gustar"

19 August
Where: Furceni, Orhei, Moldova
The most important multicultural festival of the year invites the people of different counties, bringing all sorts of cultures closer together to celebrate our national traditions.

Maria Biesu opera and ballet festival

03 September
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
The festival was organized by, and now commemorates the life of, Maria Bieşu (August 3, 1935 – May 16, 2012) who was a Moldovan opera singer and the chief vocalist of the Chisinau Opera and Ballet Theater. Her artistic excellence brought her international recognition and invitations to sing in other countries.

Wine Festival

07 October
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
A big celebration is organized, gathering all friends and family members at one table. Traditional Festival of Wine and Wine makers is celebrated each year!

Underground Festival

18 February
Where: Cricova, Chisinau, Moldova
˝Underland Wine & Music Fest˝ takes place in the famous Cellars of Cricova, the first and only festival in the world of music and wine taken underground. The event registers a record number of visitors and a lot of other factors worthy of the Guinness Book.

Martisor Music Festival

01 March
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Every year the first days of spring are marked by the Martisor Music Festival. During the first ten days of March, the best concert halls from Chisinau (i.e. Philharmonics, Organ Hall, Opera Theater, National Palace) and other localities host over 40 concerts. The performances vary, from classical music, to folklore, to traditional and modern dance. The festival brings to Moldova artists from many countries such as Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Belarus, China, Russia and others.

Hot Air Baloons Festival

25 May
Where: Ivancea, Orhei, Moldova
Hot-air Balloon Festival is a true celebration of dreamers and romantics! In this festival take part not only balloonists from Moldova, but also from many other countries. Unforgettable experience and memorable impressions are awaiting for guests and participants of the festival.

Festival descOPERA

15 June
Where: Butuceni, Orheiul Vechi, Orhei, Moldova
Outdoor opera festival - descOPERA is an outstanding project. Discover both opera - a magnificent art that conquered the whole world and the unique place in Moldova, Natural and Cultural Reservation Old Orhei. It is good to know the Reservation and to understand how many treasures hide the land of Moldova and how great is the force of people, who can initiate, including historical relics, a project called descOPERA.

Lavender Festival

17 June
Where: Cobusca Noua, Anenii Noi, Moldova
Lavender Fest has become one of the most anticipated by citizens as well as attracted the attention of foreign tourists, who are in search of unexplored corners of the world. People have discovered, that along with the French Provence, full of lavender fields, Moldova is also abound in such scenery.

Medieval Festival

23 June
Where: Complex Etnico-Cultural Vatra, Vatra, Moldova
The main idea of the festival - the revival of history and awakening interest for its study. The festival will gather in the picturesque area of Moldova many artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, numerous spectators, who would like to discover the beautiful Moldova, with its history and traditions.