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Casa din Lunca - rural tour

Duration: 1 days - Location: Trebujeni, Orhei
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 Casa din Luncais the rural boarding house in the Trebujeni village. It was established in the farm, owned by family Benzin in May 2002. «Casa din Lunca» is situated at the distance of 47km from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau and 18 km from the Orhei city, which is quite popular among tourists.

Trebujeni village spread over the banks of Raut river and is surrounded by a marvelous natural park. This is an important historical area for the republic, therefore there is the reserve Trebujeni quite close to Casa din Lunca. The reserve also includes the alfresco museum complex Orheiul Vechi which plays the role of magnet for lots of tourists from all over the world.

When you feel ready to escape the city and try rural experience, you can go to Casa din Luncaand check the taste of Moldavian country life. This is the real chance to become acquainted with the full range of specificities of our people, starting from the art of cookery and ending with the songs, dances, ancient national traditions. The local craftsmen will share his skills with you! During horse-riding, you will be astonished by the amazing landscapes.


- Familiarization with the traditional Moldavian village.
- Horseback riding.
- Familiarization with the work on the agricultural grounds.
- Examination  the work on the bee-garden of the farm.
- Participation/familiarisation with the farm work: milking of sheep, cows, feeding of poultry, etc.
- Participation in the cooking of traditional delicious Moldavian dishes.

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RATES (per person)
for one day and one night, 3 meals 
summer: 33-34 euro 
winter: 36-38.5 euro 
lunch: 10 euro
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EUR / person

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Pickup info:

-No pick-up is offered, usually visitors come to  Casa din Lunca with their own transport, where the guide is taken.

-Note: Please let us know if you need our help with an interpreter or a car with a driver.

We can arrange your transpostation to that place according to next tariff:

- Car (max 3 person), one way - 70 euro